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Goulash with wine

I love to cook one-pot-dishes. Not too much work and not too much cleaning, after all :). One of my first and favourite dishes is goulash with wine. This dish is very easy, and quite cheap. I often call it “clieaning-fridge-dish”, because except wine and beans in brine you can use to it whatever you want.

Hope you will like it ūüôā

To make this goulash you need:
– 4-5 mushrooms
– bacon and sausage
Рcan of white beans in brine or tomato ketchup / concentrate / tomato juice.
– 1 onion
– 1 garlic
– favorite species
–¬†Half a liter¬†of red dry wine.
Fry onion and bacon, add mushrooms, beans in brine  or a concentrate / etc. Put it all to the pan and add 0,5 liter of wine. Boil about 15 minutes. Somewhere in the middle, you can add garlic and sausage.  Serve with fresh bread. You can also add some white cream, if you like.


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