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Tagliata – sliced ​​steak served with olive oil and spices.  This dish is easy, fast and tasty :)(preparation took me about 15 minutes).
– about 300g of beef
– rocket
– olive oil (about 6 tablespoons)
– lemon
– garlic (2-3 cloves)
– chopped nuts
– parma cheese.
– Coarse pepper
– 3-4 basil leavesWarm  olive oil in a frying pan. Sprinkle steak with pepper and put on fire. The beef should be medium (outside brown, the rest pink). Take the meat off the pan and add to olive oil  crushed garlic and squeezed juice of half a lemon. Cut the meat into slices about 1 cm. Pour warm dressing through a metal sieve (to get rid of the seeds and bits of garlic), add rocket, basil and nuts. Then add the meat and mix. At the end put some cheese slices on top.
Serve with ciabatta.


Spinach Tart

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Definitely one of my favourite dishes, very easy (although you need to make it few times to make a perfect pastry – it is almost impossible to make it on the beginning:)

To make a pastry we need:

-2 glasses of flour
– a glass of natural yogurt
– salt, pepper
-8-10 spoons olive oil

Mix it all together, the pastry shouldn’t be too sticky, if is – give bit more olive oil. Put a pastry in the round form and put into an oven (180 degrees) for 10-15 minutes.

To make an upper part we need:

– pack of frozen spinach
-1 or  2 eggs
– pack of  cream cheese
– optionally: bacon, ham, mushrooms – whatever you like.

Put a frozen spinach on a frying pan with some olive oil. Wait a bit till it will unfreeze, give some salt and pepper, as you like. If you like give an extra things like a bacon, but tart is  good enough without them. Then put a pack of cream cheese and cover it, till cheese will melt. Mix it carefully.

Take out pastry from the oven, put some olive oil on it (it won’t be so wet from stuffing), and put the stuffing from pan on it. Push the eggs on top, and put it back to the oven for next 20 minutes.


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